Buried At Botany – A Cemetery Comes Alive

Everyone buried in Botany Cemetery has a story to tell. This book is written in rememberance of the famous and infamous in this cemetery.

The well known you may be familiar with . . . among them Tilly Devine, Kate Leigh and Perc Galea.

As you read we’re sure you will feel as we did, empathy for the families of many of those listed who died in tragic circumstances. Who could forget the young couple who were to be married yet died within six weeks of each other of brain tumours, the two young brothers who drowned together or the baby who strangled in his harness in hospital waiting for tests to be performed.

It’s not all ‘doom and gloom’ however. We found the contemporary newspaper reports we have recorded about the cemetery fascinating; ‘Nicky’ the dog, who followed his master’s funeral and stayed by his grave; the escaped prisoner who was freezing when found; the youths who stole a coffin to use ata aparty and many more.

By recording these brief details of some of those buried we are ensuring they will not be forgotten.