Code of Ethics:

Cape Banks Family History Society Inc and its members are conscious that collecting, collating and sharing information about people, living or deceased, are essential elements of family history, but that unauthorised publication of information can result in identity fraud and cause hurt and embarrassment to others. Therefore the Society and its members will:

  • Comply with the laws of copyright, observing the legal rights of copyright owners, by copying and distributing any part of their works only with their permission, or to the extent allowed under the copyright laws fair use provisions
  • Respect the feelings of others who do not want information about themselves or deceased members of their family to be published, referenced or linked on a web site
  • Comply with privacy laws and not publish the personal details of living people without their specific permission
  • Inform people who provide information about their families of the ways it may be used, carefully recording and observing any conditions they may impose on its use
  • Not publish any information of a sensitive nature that would cause hurt or embarrassment to anyone
  • Not publish or publicise as fact anything known to be false, doubtful or unproved, nor be a party, directly or indirectly, to such action by others
  • Always credit authors of information, identify sources for all information and cite only those documents personally used