Notable Persons Burial Site Locations

The map below indicates the approximate location of notable people buried within the cemetery. The exact latitude and longitude information will be added to the information box when details have been finalised.

To find out who is buried here just click on any one of the pins and a pop-up box will appear giving details of the person in that location. To close this box just click anywhere on the map, on the pin, or the cross located in the top right-hand corner of the box.

BESANKO, Cyril Victor Moyle (DCM, MM)

Name: BESANKO, Cyril Victor Moyle (DCM, MM)
Location: Uniting
Section: UAA
Position: 0187


Name: CAMERON, Nellie
Location: Roman Catholic
Section: RC6
Position: 0164

D’ANDREA, Sebastiano

Name: D’ANDREA, Sebastiano
Location: Roman Catholic
Section: RC16
Position: 108

DACEY, John Rowland (M.L.A.)

Name: DACEY, John Rowland (M.L.A.)
Location: Roman Catholic
Section: RCC
Position: 0083

De BRUNE, Aidan

Name: De BRUNE, Aidan
Location: Roman Catholic
Section: RC21
Position: 0792


Name: DEVINE, Tilly
Location: Crematorium Chapel Gardens
Section: Garden E2
Position: 0181

HOWARD, Kenneth Percival Frederick

Name: HOWARD, Kenneth Percival Frederick
Location: Roman Catholic Lawn 3
Section: RCL3
Position: 0640

KELLY, Phyllis June

Name: KELLY, Phyllis June
Location: Roman Catholic
Section: RC29E
Position: 0540

MAXWELL, Joseph (VC, MC and Bar, DCM)

Name: MAXWELL, Joseph (VC, MC and Bar, DCM)
Location: Eastern Drive Walls
Section: Wall G
Position: 0209

REPIN, Ivan Dmitrievitch

Name: REPIN, Ivan Dmitrievitch
Location: General
Section: GBD
Position: 0497

WARK, Blair Anderson (DSO, VC)

Name: WARK, Blair Anderson (DSO, VC)
Location: Columbarium
Section: Wall Unit D
Position: 0030

WINDSOR, Henry Matthew (Harry)

Name: WINDSOR, Henry Matthew (Harry)
Location: General Lawn 37
Section: GL37
Position: 1532






Sebastiano D’ANDREA

Sebastiano D’ANDREA arrived in Australia from Naples, Italy in 1926. He immersed himself in his entrepreneurial spirit, running successful fruit businesses in Melbourne and Sydney. Sebastiano’s life was cut short when he fell victim to a senseless act of violence during a robbery attempt.

John Rowland DACEY (M.L.A.)

John Rowland DACEY, born in Ireland was a prominent figure in Australian politics and a strong advocate for low-cost housing for the working class. Daceyville, Australia’s first public housing estate, was named in his honour.

Aidan De BRUNE

Aidan de Brune journalist, author, and pedestrian was the first person in recorded history to walk around the perimeter of Australia, unaccompanied and unassisted.

Phyllis June KELLY

Phyllis June KELLY in 1976, became the first female detective inspector in the NSW Police and in Australia.

Ivan Dmitrievitch REPIN

Ivan Dmitri REPIN was the owner of the Repin’s Coffee and Tea shops offering a taste of Europe to the predominantly tea-drinking city.

Henry Matthew John (Harry) WINDSOR

Henry Matthew John (Harry) WINDSOR, a remarkable figure in the field of thoracic surgery. In October 1968, under his guidance, the first Australian cardiac transplant took place, marking a remarkable milestone in medical history.


Cyril Victor Moyle BESANKO (DCM, MM)

Cyril Victor Moyle BESANKO won the Military Medal at Lone Pine in 1915 and the Distinguished Conduct Medal at the Battle for Pozières in 1916.

Joseph MAXWELL (VC, MC and Bar, DCM)

In just over twelve months Joseph Maxwell was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (1917), the Military Cross (1918) and Bar (1919) and the Victoria Cross (1918), and he was only 22 when the war ended.

Blair Anderson WARK (DSO, VC)

Blair Anderson WARK won his Distinguished Service Order for “displaying great gallantry and devotion to duty” at Fromelles in 1916 and the Victoria Cross in 1918 for “conspicuous bravery, initiative, and control during operations on the Hindenburg Line at Bellicourt”.


Nellie Cameron

Nellie Cameron, known as “The Kiss of Death Girl”, was a notorious Sydney prostitute in the 1920s and 1930s. Cameron was associated with the cocaine-fuelled ravages of the razor gang violence of that era, commonly associated with her contemporaries, Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh, both criminal entrepreneurs who controlled much of Sydney’s illegal sex industry and Sly-grog distribution during that period.


Matilda Mary Devine, known as Tilly Devine, was an English Australian organised crime boss. She was involved in a wide range of activities, including sly grog, razor gangs, and prostitution, and became a famous folk figure in Sydney during the interwar years.


Kenneth Percival Frederick HOWARD

Kenneth Percival Frederick Howard was a renowned caller of horse racing from 1936 through to his retirement in 1973.