Ivan Dmitrievitch REPIN

Ivan Dmitri Repin (1888-1949) was a coffee shop proprietor and coffee importer. Born in Russia, he studied engineering in St Petersburg before eventually settling in Sydney.

Repin’s Coffee and Tea shops quickly gained popularity, offering a taste of Europe to the predominantly tea-drinking city. Many migrants from Europe found solace in Repin’s shops, where they could enjoy a real cup of coffee.

Repin’s shops also became a meeting place for employers during the Depression, where they would gather to read mail collected from the General Post Office.

Repin’s dedication to his craft led him to travel to the United States to learn about coffee and create better blends. During World War II, American servicemen frequented his shops, while in the late 1940s, Repin began roasting coffee in his shop windows and selling freshly ground beans.

Throughout his life, Repin amassed property and enjoyed photography and boating.

He passed away in 1949, leaving behind a legacy of sophisticated coffee culture.

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