A Genealogical Potpourri

A Lighter Side of Family History
A Collection of articles from Kith & Kin

I was asked to write the Foreword to this book as it happens to be my turn in the President’s chair during our 10th Anniversary Year.

The publication of A Genealogical Potpourri is a celebration of those ten years since the Cape Banks Family History Society Inc. was founded.

It is a very different genealogical book. You won’t find any articles on “How To Research” nor will you find long lists of names of ancestors discovered in our members’ research or indeed how those ancestors were traced. In fact the member who suggested we produce a book of articles from our journal Kith & Kin will probably be surprised at the way we have chosen to do this.

Along with the excitement felt on the discovery of our ancestors and the lives they led, these anecdotes demonstrate the fun we have had, the friendships made and the previously undiscovered talents revealed among our members during this time.

We have become writers, poets, historians, humorists and storytellers. A number of us have succeeded in the challenge of mastering computers – all through this absorbing hobby of family history.

We’re sure you’ll smile along with us and derive as much pleasure from reading these “bits and pieces” as we have had in writing them.