Maroubra & District Memories

This book is a companion volume to our 2007 publication Maroubra and District Pioneers Register Pre 1945. When publishing this register an unexpected outcome was that many contributors also submitted interesting stories containing personal memories, photographs and recollections of life in our local area in the early years of its development. The committee of CBFHS Inc decided that as this type of information is not generally found in official records, these stories were also worthy of publication. It was recognised that quite a number of people who were born, lived or grew up in the area were now at least 70 years old and this was a unique opportunity to preserve their personal memories. Further submissions were then called for with much interest from the community.

As the stories submitted are reliant upon the memories of the individual contributors, Cape Banks FHS Inc makes no assurance that the information contained in this book is entirely accurate.

Special thanks to our many contributors without whom this book would not have been possible. We are sure the stories will be a trip down memory lane for our readers and recall many happy memories for those who have lived and those who continue to reside in the area.