Walter Carter Pty Ltd
Funeral Director

1896 – 1912

Volume II

Transcribed by

Cape Banks Family History Society Inc.


The project of transcribing the Funeral Books of Walter Carter Pty. Ltd. began in September 1996 and completed in September 1997. The period this index covers is 1896 to 1912 inclusive. Information extracted is name, age, place and date of death, some remarks.


Name of deceased


Name of deceased


Age of the deceased. A number of abbreviations have been used as follows:
Stillborn = stillborn
12min = 12 minutes
9hrs = 9 hours
10d = 10 days
3w = 3 weeks
2m  = 2 months
78y = 78 years

Place of Death:

Indicates where the person died. Many people are buried at Waverley Cemetery, which has been transcribed by the Society of Australian Genealogists, Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

Date of Death:

The date the person died.


A mother or father’s name or initial’s, if given, have been added to an unnamed stillborn’s entry to enable the family to be identified. An address may appear, which could be where the deceased was living at the time of death. Details of where the remains of the deceased may have been moved to, or the funeral started from, are indicated if noted.

Additional information available usually included date of burial, cemetery, number of grave and grantee, vehicles, class of coffin, fees, advertisements and funeral costs.

Additional information may be obtained by writing to:

Cape Banks Family History Society Inc.
P.O. Box 67
New South Wales 2035

We acknowledge the assistance given by Mr. Niall Pettit-Young, Randwick City Library, Mr. Ron Foley, Manager Walter Carter Pty. Ltd. and the transcribers and checkers from Cape Banks Family History Society Inc.